For thirty years I had the great fortune to work as a staff photographer for the National Geographic Magazine; 45 articles carried my byline and more than 2000 of my photos have appeared within its covers.

    On assignments around the world, I saw through my lens places of indescribable beauty and witnessed events that have shaped the world we live in today.

    I recognize the issues that confront us now. I know them; they grew out of the social issues that I grew up with and photographed. Civil rights in the 1950’s, Vietnam in the 1960’s, Globalization in the 1980’s - all these issues have brought us to a belief that society is veering in an inescapable direction: toward confusion and chaos. 

    Chaos, the Butterfly Effect, Randomness - these are all words currently in use to describe our world. From the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the political situations throughout Africa to the uprisings burning through the Middle East, we feel the general confusion of our lives.

    These issues are not new; I have seen them throughout my life. Yet as I begin my eighth decade, I see the world  and its complications in a new light. In the natural world and its inherent chaotic state, I find a solace that gives me personal strength.

    My purpose in this site is not to dwell on the social world of today, but rather relate my personal journey into chaos. Through the hard lessons of my early work I have found a new direction: the joy of photographing the chaos that exists within nature.

    On this journey I hope to find something solid, something hopeful as I look forward to our shared future.

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